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Aug 25, 2011 12:00pm PDT
of hours. >>> the tech world is still reeling from the resignation of steve jobs. he will still have a role in the silicon valley power house. claudine wong joins us to explain what is next for the company. >> this media storm certainly continues over steve jobs' resignation from apple. i want to show you video of the media camp out. certainly, ever ione is watching stops and everybody is waiting to hear from jobs or his replacement tim cook. tim cook sent an e-mail to employees, promising that the best years are you ahead. >> he will be on stage, at the next event and then he will do what steve jobs has been dog, hand it over to the senior people who are in charge of those different products and showing how deep the bench really is in apple. >> reporter: that being said, no one is arguing that tim cookies steve jobs -- that tim cook is no steve jobs, but he sent an e-mail to employees. experts say that's the point where jobs is considered one of those people bigger than life. apple is now bigger than jobs. >> i think what steve jobs has done, he has helped build that vision into the dna of
Aug 3, 2011 12:00pm PDT
: steve knew -- newell accepted the signatures with. promise to send them on to management. the group acts as an advocate for black americans and supports the 22-year-old university of new mexico student arrested early back in june for not pulling up his sagging pajama bottoms. the naacp has sorted -- has supported the family from the beginning and came to speak at sfo. >> they thought we were gonna kid all over the runway with this movement and that we weren't going to get airborne. >> the airlines does not have a dress code for its passengers and yet u.s. airways' employees decided that their subjective understanding of appropriate tire should dictate whether or not he could stay on that plane. >> reporter: the woman you heard from represents color of change and she indict -- invited the man's mother to show the airline it needs to apologize and see what plans the airline has to make sure this never happens again. >> he's really grateful to the support he's getting, not only in san francisco but worldwide. >> reporter: we contacted u.s. airways and we're told they would get back to us. w
Aug 4, 2011 12:00pm PDT
area. steve paulson is up next to tell us if things will change. >>> and nasa revealed new information about mars. charming farmhouse. right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister. get your annual ikea catalog today. >>> there will be changes to lunways at -- runways at san francisco's airport. it's to meet federal safety standards to reduce damage to planes that may overshoot the runway. construction may start neck year and be completed by 2015. flights will not be affected. >>> i want to take you back live to wall street, where the dow is making at least a little bit of a come basketball. the 354 points to the negative. is still serious. the -- to the negative is still serious. again, this is about the u.s. economy and the european debt crisis. >>> there's new indication that the two uc beck lurk graduates still jailed in iran could be released soon. the -- uc berkeley graduates still jailed in iran could be released soon. the judge promised a verdict sometime this week. today iran's ambassador told "the associated press" expected two to b
Aug 9, 2011 12:00pm PDT
that and then a cooling trend will take us in the weekend. >> thank you, steve. >> any time. >>> well, we want to take you live back out to the big board to show you the latest on stocks. it's been a wild last hour, you could say. now stocks are up 126 points -- hovering right under the 11,000 mark. currently, it's 132 points up right now. >>> petaluma police are reminding everybody to lock your cars and trunks and remove valuables in plain site. there have been 38 vehicle thefts this year including four this month. police say the latest was sunday morning on early when a jaguar and audi were stolen. most of the crimes occurred late in the morning or at night. police are investigating residents to call 911 in they see any suspicious activity. >>> mall surveillance shows -- those dogs' owners out of their car. they cracked a window and left a bowl of water. the firefighters were called in. the temperatures inside the suv had reached 135 degrees. >> that's not a guarantee that your animal is safe even if you put water in the car. it takes over -- about 20 minutes to get to 135 degrees. >> the owners don't f
Aug 12, 2011 12:00pm PDT
in the bay area, meteorologist steve paulson will be up in minutes to tell you if it will continue through the weekend. >>> tensions continue at an armored car company in the north bay. we will tell you about tactics police are using to try to solve a robbery that played out like a movie script. >>> pg pg&e is still working on a power outage there where a truck slammed into a pole. that shut down the road and knocked out power to 3800 customers. they have restored power to all but a few and will finish around 2:00. the truck will be removed and the road re-opened after that. the driver suffered min error injuries. >>> police are going over video in their search for gunmen who stormed into an armored car warehouse last night. the robbery happened before 11:00 p.m. and the warehouse on north point parkway west of stoney point road. police are releasing few details but do say they are not sure how many robbers there were in spite of earlier reports there were two. they say they got away with some money but won't say how much and locked the steel doors behind them trapping two employees insid
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5